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Health is wealth. You can’t go on in life with any part of it deteriorated because it would be like burning a candle, so fast at both ends. You will lose more than you ever thought and just watch live pass you by. Now imagine you are living life to the fullest, making better choices and handling all that life throws at you masterfully! The M.A.D.E. 4 You Program does exactly that because we know that while you are living, situations can come to knock you on your face.

The M.A.D.E. 4 You Program combines all aspects of life on spiritual, soul and body level to ensure that you live your best life every day. We understand that man is a multi-faceted being and  every facet of man adds up to the overall wellness of man.

M.A.D.E. 4 You Program includes:

  • 2 Hour Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls where you can join the group live to get inspiration, feedback and the push needed as well as direct ministration and coaching from Ada Akajimba.
  • 3 Months of Accountability created to ensure that what you need to change sticks and becomes life long lessons for you.
  • M.A.D.E 4 You Thriving Kits which includes vision board, Health and Wellness Progression Charts, Affirmation Recordings and Cards, Journal Prompts, Health and Wellness Daily Planner, Nutrition Visuals and so much more
  • Access to the Private M.A.D.E. 4 You Facebook Community where you can ask questions between masterminds, get feedback and bonus livestreams, content and other great perks.

Take this journey with someone who is thriving and not just existing

Ada Akajimba rose from the travails of trauma and life shaking situations that only made her even stronger than before. Through her three-level health and wellness structure, she is able to help anyone start the desired change from within and show flawless results effortlessly.

  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Dieting
  • Exercise



Ada Akajimba

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